lunes, 1 de septiembre de 2014

New York, the city of lights

Maybe I would stay more days in New York for be the first time that I was there, but at least I have stayed with very good company.
The program with I traveled is Ciee, and the first three days in USA, all the people of Ciee, I mean all the exchange students, stays in New York for reunions with the coordinators and explain us all the rules and everything. 
Those three days in New York, was really a good experience. I met people of all the world, Italians, Brazilians, Germans, Chinese, etc... Specially Italians and Brazilians. I was in my room with two Italian girls, and they are lovely and funnies. But during the day I was a lot with the Brazilian group, they was really funnies and crazy. I remember to stay in the boat looking the liberty statue and was singing and singing funnies songs from their country, and I was like "A menina espanhola" singing Brazilian songs. 
The first day that I arrive in New York we check in and all in our rooms, and after I went with the two Italian girls at the pool, and then we went to dinner with the all Italian group and we stay with they. That day we don't had time to do a lot of things.
The second day we had to wake up early, and after breakfast we had a reunion with the coordinators. After that all the students were separated for groups and we did learning games about the program. Before lunch we get a bus and we went to the city. In there we saw The Empire State, the Statue of Liberty, the V avenue and Times Square. 
I never have seen another city like this, with all the lights at the night. I have seen magic in New York, that magic that makes you fly. New York makes you feel good, really good and I really hope can come back.

XOXO Julie.

Travel abroad

Well, my name is Julia, I'm 16 years old and I'm from Barcelona. This year I'm studying in USA like a exchange studient. Maybe some of you say oh! That scares! New people, new school, new family... or maybe other part of you say uou! That is a good experience! But for me is most the second option, first because I think that with fear few things you can get, but is true that sometimes we need the fear for don't hurt us, and be a little cautious. In a few words, anything in quantity or in lack is bad, we need know where is the halfway point.
So... Why I decided to come to USA? Well, I have many answers for that only question. I think that the globalization is one big step for the humanity and we need know where we live, I mean not only our country, I think that we need know and meet our planet earth, met every corner of our world. So for these reason I love travel. Another answer will be for my English, because I need improve it and I need that because I think that have a one perfect international language can open you a lot of doors and opportunities. And another one reason for come here, the last but not the less important, for pass one year living with my best friend Anna.
And how I met Anna? So the history is like that; Anna's father had a job in Barcelona, so she and her family was living there for like 5 years. When we has 6 years old we start to do Ballet classes in my mother's school. One year before they come back to here, Pittsburgh. But she started to come back to Barcelona every summer with her family, and we started to went at camps together, to the Costa Brava, etc... And that's it.
Well now you know the first part of that history, but that is going to have a lot of things to explain.

XOXO, Julie.